Sure that you keep your head elevated to bring down gravitation. If you are pregnant, you may have a hard time avoiding the condition, as it is part of your condition. However, following a healthy diet and safety measures can help you alleviate the symptoms of the condition. Although heartburn is considered as minor indigestion in women, the condition should still be given enough attention. Take note that excessive amount of acid in the esophagus can cause serious complications, such as esophageal bleeding, scar and ulcer. viagra cost In case you are afflicted with the conditions and the symptoms are occurring frequently, make sure to visit your physician for proper diagnosis and treatment of the condition. cheap viagra Posted by luanne dulay at 9:44 am 1 comment: email this blogthis! Share to twitter share to facebook tuesday, june 5, 2012 what causes acid reflux disease several things can trigger acid reflux conditions and this might result to heartburn attacks. Some of these typical factors range from the following: * consumption of alcohol* weight problems* cigarette smoking* acid indigestion* being pregnant* eating spicy foods* certain medications* eating too much* caffeinated and carbonated drinks* laying down after eating the typical indicators of the condition, however, are the following: * heartburn symptoms* bloating* nausea* burping* sore throat* wheezing cough* chest pain* weight loss in severe cases of acid reflux, individuals can experience asthma and dental erosion. In case some of the symptoms stated previously takes place for a long period, it would be advisable to seek advice from your physician. A consultation is also important if acid reflux remedies cannot supply relief against the affliction as well. Trigger foods for acid reflux * acidic foods: foods containing large amount of acid can set off the illness. viagra pills Fruits and veggies, including pineapples, grapefruits and tomatoes are all acidic naturally and needs to be avoided whenever you can. buy viagra cheap * spicy foods: foods for instance chilies and peppers can cause a burning sensation inside the stomach that can get to the chest. viagra uk net Fast foods could also irritate the stomach and result in an acid reflux episode. viagra daily vs 36 hour Also, high consumption of onion and garlic should also be avoided, because this is not good for the condition. viagra cheap australia * alcohol: consuming alcohol can dehydrate the body. This could increase the levels of gastric juices inside the stomach, hence resulting to acidity. Acid reflux disorder often occurs in those with alcohol allergies. cheap generic viagra * carbonated drinks: carbonated drinks are considered as aerated, which means it could increase the pressure within the stomach, thereby causing increased aci. viagra safe young men yahoo answers buy viagra online